Wednesday, 7 December 2011

So what's the plan anyway?

What's the idea here? Is this a one-off, or is the bike being fixed for a return to twice-weekly skating like it always used to be, or what?

We don't know. Right now, the plan is to put the bike back together for Santaskate, and hope that when it turns up glowing and piping and singing and sparking (OK, maybe not sparking) on the 17th December (subliminal message: get your tickets now) then lots of people will say "hey, I'd forgotten how much better the sound on the skate is when there's some proper bass as well as all the asbombs" and among them will be at least one who says "you can keep it in my garage if that helps". Or shed, or lockup, or living room even - almost anywhere that's secure and accessible and less than a couple of miles from Paddington.

In short, yes, we'd like to have it return to the skate regularly - twice a week would be ideal, but at least a couple of times a month and on special occasions - but the principal problem with doing so is finding storage. Let's talk figures for a minute: rented storage from the likes of Safestore or Big Yellow is likely to cost about £30/week - as private individuals (the LFNS is not presently funding the bike) we can't cover that, and even if someone does want to be that generous, that amount could buy us a new amplifier a year. So, does anyone have a spare shed?

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