Sunday, 18 December 2011

Santaskate: present with presents

As you'll already know if you were there: the Firebrox took its customary place behind the dancing reindeer at the front of the Santaskate, and pumped out traditional Christmas tunage for the three hours that we spent touring around town dispensing Christmas goodwill and cheer to all.

"Pics, or it didn't happen": click on thumbnails for bigger images. Here's the Brox arriving at the setup point:

From Firebrox santaskate
and a closeup of the new shiny drive axle
From Firebrox santaskate
Fully assembled
From Firebrox santaskate
Decoration in progress:
From Firebrox santaskate
And here it is in action (thanks Rebecca Cornford for taking the action photos and letting us use them)
We'll give it a full going over later, but the immediate feedback was that it did not break, that the new back brakes work nicely, and that the lighter faster single-speaker configuration is indeed lighter and faster. And many many people said they were happy to see it again. So now, what do we want 2012 to bring? A new home would be nice.

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