Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Going through channels

There was nothing actually wrong with the Brox other than the axle when we took it off the road - obviously, it had been on the road and playing music just before it coasted gently to a halt. But while it's away anyway this is a good time to look at some other bits that we think will need fixing in the near future.

Pictured right is the power amplifier. In 2006 this was a 4 channel 2000W amp (yes, we believe the manufacturer's power output figure, of course). By late 2010, four years of being shaken across London's road surfaces had turned it into a 2.5 channel amp (sometimes three, sometimes less - it's intermittent). Also pictured is the multimeter with which I hope to find the missing 1.5 channels, and the soldering iron I shall use to reattach them. And my feet, if you look closely.

The frame has now been transported to the good folk at Kingsmead for welding and new brakes. Yay frame. If today is the 30th November, we have 17 days remaining until SantaSkate

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