Monday, 30 March 2009

In early 2009 we took the Brox off the road for a few weeks for a wash and brush-up. The ensuing scope creep would in retrospect have been better described as "scope explosion". Here's a contemporaneous account
The Brox progress so far.

Just about all the bearing surfaces have been changed, wheels, headsets (all 3 of them), gear cassette rebuilt, new custom chainguard fitted, chains replaced (both of them), repainted sound chassis, perspex panels cut and replaced, an overhaul, rewire and simplification of the sound system, speaker array mounts replaced, binding brakes fixed. I'm sure there are some things I've forgotten we've done.

This has been a time consuming task as the Brox is very nonstandard. Bearing surfaces were very hard to source and eventually had to be machined to fit. Every time we work on it we hit an unforseen wall of some description or another. Work has also been delayed by my being out of the country for 3 weeks as I have been made redundant recently, but had the offer of work teaching freediving in Dahab, got to get the work no matter how unpleasant

So all in all sorry it's taking so long, I want it out of my garage and back on the road too, but we have one major problem which is a show stopper, the brakes, these have to be bled (no, it's not at all like a car), but as a result of the calipers being obsolete, we cannot get the spares or the correct bleeding kit to get all the air out of the system. WOTNOBRAKES?!?!? Yes indeed, no flippin' brakes, so you can see, this has to be resolved before we can possibly use it on the road.

We are close boys and girls and no one is missing the Brox like me, as I have some truely killer mixes stacking up at home ready to play on the LFNS.

So watch this space, once the brakes are working safely we can reassemble the poor beast and bring it out again as a more reliable deliverer of music.

Simon Wotno.

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